Tuesday 28 September 2021

Crush The Saboteurs

Ian Murray would know about sabotage. He had been due to be a founder member of Change UK, but he pulled out at the last moment, meaning that he had tried to sabotage two political parties within hours, and possibly minutes, of each other.

Labour's General Election campaign in 2017 was sabotaged by the party's extremely right-wing staff, who were scandalously later paid off. The founding mistake of Jeremy Corbyn's Leadership was that he did not sack the entire staff on day one and start again.

And then there is Keir Starmer, who caused the General Election in 2019. It had not been due until the spring of 2022, when it had been expected to lead to another hung Parliament, perhaps even with Labour as the largest party. After all, despite the antics of the saboteurs, Labour in 2017 had taken 40 per cent of the vote, and had experienced its only net gain in seats since 1997.

But Starmer unilaterally announced the second EU referendum that Corbyn had defeated by defeating Owen Smith, it is true that Corbyn then culpably failed to sack you, Boris Johnson saw the obvious opportunity, and the rest is history. Sabotage, indeed.