Wednesday 29 September 2021

The Faithful Durhams?

Following today’s excellent news about progress towards the reopening of the DLI Museum, the new administration at County Hall in Durham ought also to right the injustice against the Teaching Assistants, and to restore all bus services that had been lost since May 2008, while also addressing the situation, which boggles the minds of visitors from other parts of the country, that the older person’s bus pass did not give free travel until the middle of the morning.

The Liberal Democrats lead that administration. The Conservatives are part of it, as are those Independents from whose ranks any Independent candidate other than me would be drawn at the next General Election here in North West Durham; any candidate of a smaller right-wing party would also probably move in those circles. The administration was installed on the vote of the only Green Councillor.

Therefore, the Liberal Democrat, Conservative and Green candidates here, plus any other Independent or any candidate of a smaller right-wing party, could expect to be challenged by me on all three of the DLI Museum, the Teaching Assistants, and the bus services.


  1. Hold their feet to the fire.

    1. By then, I hope not to have to. But if I did, then I would.