Thursday 30 September 2021


Can anyone hire SCO19 as armed security for their private function, or do you have to be a former Director of Public Prosecutions? I say hire, but who paid for this?

Thus guarded, Keir Starmer congratulated Marcus Rashford on having done the job that Starmer was paid to do. And he "announced" a policy on music teaching that I and tens of thousands of others had heard Jeremy Corbyn promise to the Durham Miners' Gala more than two years ago; it had not been new even then, although it had originated with the Corbyn Leadership.

But Starmer declared the return of the crude anti-intellectualism of Old New Labour, mocking the very suggestion of teaching Latin while demonstrating that he had no idea of the origins of the Schönheit der Arbeit. On the first point, he needs Professor Edith Hall and Dr Henry Stead to put him right. On the second, he is probably beyond help. Starmer implied that teaching Latin was incompatible with teaching digital skills. He needs to take a trip back to his own private school.

The Conservatives are eight points ahead today, while Labour has a poll rating lower than its result at the last General Election.


  1. They always want to restrict access to the Humanities to keep our people in their place.

    1. Notice that these things are never "useless" in relation to the projected future lives of their own children.