Wednesday 22 September 2021

Sore Winners

Of course Sharon Graham has better things to do than spend a week arguing about how the Labour Party should elect its Leader. Haven't we all? It will take the Labour Right about 45 years, all told, but it is going to bring about its longed for regression to the arrangement whereby irremovable MPs alone chose a Leader who would then have the sole say over policy.

40 years ago, rather than accept any challenge to that catalogue of privilege, much of the Right broke away from the Labour Party altogether, although the figures in question were markedly more distinguished than the present Blairite rabble. They were wrong to see themselves as that grand, but it is possible to see why they did. Think about that, and then look at today's efforts.

A Leader who was comfortably elected by the present system wants to tear it up, while a Government that stormed home under the present system wants to suppress much of its own vote, and those are the people without photo ID these days, at the same time as abolishing many of its own newly won seats by means of boundary changes. It is all very strange.


  1. Ideas you come up with in opposition and are stuck with once you've won.

    1. Yes, but you can just forget about them. Why don't they?