Wednesday 29 September 2021

We Are All Dinosaurs Now

We old Blue Labour types remember when our leading lights saw David Lammy, late of the Archbishops' Council that is the central executive body of the Church of England, as the blue-eyed boy, the great white hope. But never mind his eyes. We now demand to see his cervix.

Not that he is in government, or ever likely to be. Caroline ffiske has the measure of the people who are: "Over the past decade, on the Tories' watch, the NHS has been increasingly captured by gender ideology. And [Sajid] Javid, despite health being his remit, is yet to say or do anything about it." Do read all of this vitally important article.

On Sunday, or at any time next week, will Boris Johnson be asked about any of this? Will he be asked whether he accepted that anyone with a cervix must be a woman? No, of course not. The governing party is never asked the culture war questions. We all know why not.