Tuesday 21 September 2021

"In A Separate Development"

Aren't we all supposed to be frightened of China these days, anyway? There is something of a lag between that and today's nostalgic attempts to frighten us about Russia again.

Alexander Litvinenko was such an obviously shady character that he should never have been let into this country in the first place. If we import these people, then we import everyone who might ever come looking for them.

Andrey Lugovoy has been reelected to the Duma, and not for Vladimir Putin's party, which took 49 per cent of the vote. Crooked though those elections undoubtedly were, dictators in general, never mind those who aspired to world domination, do not allow themselves to make do with a declared result of a mere 49 per cent.

And what a coincidence, that on the day that the European Court of Human Rights handed down its ruling to order in the Litvinenko case, then we have this "development" in relation to the Skripals, who are still alive.

Novichok has killed, at most, one person ever, and that would have been an accident. When is there going to be a Coroner's Inquest into Dawn Sturgess? And we are expected to believe that the GRU either cannot afford a gun, or does not know where to find one, or does not know how to use it.


  1. After this year, you could put them onto men who had guns and knew how to use them.