Monday 27 September 2021

Loss Leader

It is a thought, although not a pretty one. Might Keir Starmer feel so strongly on the matter because he himself has a cervix?

Anyone who has ever dealt with the Labour Right knows that they are ballot-riggers, and by no means only for internal party purposes.

This time, they have done it in order to render all Constituency Labour Parties politically as redundant as the one at North West Durham, and in order to restrict mere candidacy in Leadership Elections to Boris Johnson, but without the divorces or the talk of levelling up.

Nomination by one in five Labour MPs is an option open only to an older white man of proven heterosexuality at least in part, and of at least ostensibly conventional domesticity, impeccably upper-middle-class and extremely right-wing.


  1. I demand to see Keir Starmer's cervix.

    1. We are all going to be shown it, like it or not.