Sunday, 18 April 2021

A Force For Good

Unable to say whether or not she wanted the unions to be on the lobbying register, Rachel Reeves clearly did not know what a trade union was. Not really. They never do.

I have been in Unite for years, and unless someone very high profile and deeply sound came forward instead, then I am more and more minded to contest the election for General Secretary in 2026 on a ticket of, among other things, defunding useless, right-wing Labour MPs.

I would divert the money, at least in part, to the development and delivery of a training course for those of our people who aspired to become parliamentary candidates, of any party or none. Not everyone went to school with people who just knew that they were going to end up in the Cabinet, and who turned out to be right.

George Galloway, who is a very longstanding member of Unite and before that of the T&G, is known to be interested. I would back George if he gave it a go, but Len McCluskey is retiring this year because he is 71. In 2026, George will be 72. I shall be 49.

All in all, join Unite Community.

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