Saturday 24 April 2021

Not One Stone Left Upon Another?

Although at least they are not going to be doing it tonight, the men who have been rampaging through East Jerusalem are Lehava.

Under Bentzi Gopstein, Lehava is notable for its view that Jews are under a religious obligation to burn down churches, for its call to ban all personal and business relations between Jews and Gentiles in Greater Israel, and for its demand that all observance of Christmas be outlawed there, with all Christians expelled from the territory.

Such are the people whom you could probably now be prosecuted in England and Wales for criticising; I look forward to that addition to my charge sheet. Such are the people criticism of whom would certainly now be expulsionable from the Labour Party.

And such are the people with whom Keir Starmer would share a meal on Zoom. Although they would not share one with him. They believe that, for having married him, his Jewish wife deserves to be stoned.

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