Sunday 25 April 2021

The Candidates Challenge: Day 17

Scroll down to page 37 here, and you will find the persons nominated for the Lanchester Ward of Durham County Council. One of them signed my nomination papers last time. See page 59 here for the fact that the Parish Council is an uncontested election, as in 2013. While in 2013 there were 15 candidates for 15 seats, this year there are only 14.

My challenge to each of the candidates for the Lanchester Ward of Durham County Council, and to each of the members of the incoming Lanchester Parish Council, is to state that they believed me to be guilty of the offences of which I was convicted on 12th March 2020, and of the offences for which I was due to be sentenced on 26th April, when I shall have the opportunity to vacate my pleas of guilty.

Please email A daily running total will appear here until polling day, 6th May. So far, that total is none.

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