Monday 19 April 2021

Disgraceful and Self-Serving

For decades, the Blairy types who were ruining football told me that because I knew little or nothing about the game itself, then I knew nothing about what was being done to it socially and culturally.

But I was right. Not only that, but they now have the gall to pretend that they have always agreed with me, and that they find the European Super League appalling. Yet they have done this. They have been making this inevitable for far longer than they are ever going to admit.

I was particularly excoriated for opposing the Saudi attempt to acquire Newcastle United; even Oliver Kamm, who if anything knows even less about football itself than I do, waded in on Twitter. But if that bid had gone through, as we now know was being pursued by David Cameron, then Newcastle United would now be in the Super League. Think on.

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