Saturday 24 April 2021

The Boat Ashore, Hallelujah?

Oh, yes, Michael Gove is behind all of this. Of course he is. But he has nothing like Boris Johnson's appeal where it now matters.

A General Election between Gove and Keir Starmer, who lacks any such appeal whatever, would result in a hung Parliament.


  1. Do you have any idea of why the Westmonster lobby is suddenly getting into a tizzy about BoJo lending a few grand off a mate to cover Princess Nut-Nuts' Downing St decorating bill, when it seems to consider his reported funnelling of a six-figure sum of taxpayers' cash to an American 'businesswoman' who admits to providing him with relief between two yellow cushions in order that he could exclaim: "I'm a human custard cream!" to be barely worthy of remark? Is it really all to do with Michael Gove and Mossad?

    Anyway, if the fragrant Ms Arcuri (is it just me?) only got just over a £100k for four full years of servicing his every need while he presumably worked his way through the Crawfords' Family Circle selection box, I'd imagine that Dido Harding must be absolutely filthy.

    1. The pubs really are open again, I see.

    2. Drinking from home - though I've only had a couple of ales, honest, officer.

      Best of luck for your sentencing hearing on Monday Mr L. I see your forthcoming worries don't appear to be affecting the quality of the blogposts.

      Monday is also the day upon which my bastard* niece is due to emerge into a waiting world of wonder in the city of Kiev, or Kyiv as we are now seemingly obliged to call it - no doubt to placate various Nazi sympathisers, if not outright Nazis. I'd be grateful for a brief prayer for intercession for a successful delivery.

      *You don't get much more 'out-of-wedlock' than being born to a woman your biological father has never even met, let alone married.

    3. Thank you very much Mr L. All the best again for your hearing.