Thursday 22 April 2021

Carbon, Capture

Nine Extinction Rebellion activists have been arrested for smashing windows at HSBC's London office. There is no good dog in this fight. 

HSBC is a thoroughly Blairite company, if its Head of Media Relations UK is anything to go by. I have had the displeasure of his acquaintance for 32 years. Before becoming the reputation launderer to those who laundered the money of the Mexican and Colombian drug cartels, then he was London Regional Director of the Labour Party (he quit because he hated Jeremy Corbyn), he was Head of Press and Media for the Labour Party, and he was Chief of Staff to the Government Chief Whip at the time of the Iraq War. 

As for Extinction Rebellion, it goes back 36 years. Do you think that Britain would have ended up like this if the miners had won? My favourite question to Greens is, "Do you regret the defeat of the miners in 1985?" It always stops them in their tracks. And I have the same question for post-Thatcherite culture warriors, "Do regret the defeat of the miners in 1985?" If not, then I can give you chapter and verse as to why you do not really regret the loss of any of things that you claim to, although you might sincerely believe that you do.

Although she began to blather on about environmentalism as a means of Socialist control once she had the dementia that also turned her into a born again Eurosceptic, Margaret Thatcher was very Green indeed as Prime Minister, shocking first the Royal Society, and then the United Nations General Assembly, with her passion on the subject. Next up, her milk-snatching as a pioneering strike against the wicked dairy industry. Don't laugh, it could happen.

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