Sunday, 7 February 2021

The Worms Are Turning

Jackie Weaver turns out to be the “Chief Executive” of a voluntary association of councils in Cheshire. Yet this member of the general public took over a council meeting to the extent of excluding elected members who were not to her liking. That is what such women have been doing to Britain ever since it spent 10 and a half benighted years being run by one of them. She reorganised its entire economy in order to turn them into the new ruling class. That may or may not have been the intention, but it was undeniably the effect.

Still, also in the North West, there is to be a new coal mine. At long last, the worms are turning. Ed Miliband had better take note. I and tens of thousands of others heard him tell the Durham Miners’ Gala that he was going to bring back coal. He was the first Leader to have addressed it since the entire crowd had silently walked off to the pubs as soon as Neil Kinnock had started speaking, leaving him to bloviate to the birds in the trees. Cumbria County Council is Labour-led, and Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats all voted in favour of this mine. All three parties now have a decision to make. Which voters do you want, because you cannot have them all?

As to my own Jackie Weaver, despised though she is by those who are expected to defer to her, I am offering her the chance to show that she might after all be worthy of at least some degree of respect. She has my email address, and The Lanchester Review would be pleased to publish her review, however critical, of my collected essays on Radical Orthodoxy, the relationship between the Hebraic and Hellenic traditions, the Second Vatican Council, Catholicism as completing and transcending the various strands of Protestantism, Early Modern English Catholic literature, English Catholic literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the Established status of the Church of England, the Jacobite roots of the Radical traditions in British politics, Opus Dei and the Left, the Catholic origins of modern science, and the Church’s record in relation to HIV infection in Africa, in relation to the Holocaust, and in relation to the Roman and Spanish Inquisitions.

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