Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Nothing To Hang Out The Flags For

Tonight, Labour is four points behind the worst Government ever. As the only party with 40 per cent support, the Conservatives would certainly win an overall majority at a General Election that might once again be held whenever the Prime Minister wanted to have one. 

To lead an Opposition that is behind the worst Government ever is by definition to be the worst ever Leader of the Opposition. Keir Starmer is the worst ever Leader of the Opposition, and thus the worst ever Leader of the Labour Party.

If Jeremy Corbyn had not capitulated to Starmer over Brexit, then Labour would have been the largest party in a hung Parliament in 2019. Or, rather, there would never have been a General Election in 2019, because Boris Johnson would have known what would have happened. 

While Corbyn was pro-Brexit, then there was no suggestion that Labour might lose Red Wall seats such as this one. It held them in 2017, when it made gains. But neither Starmer nor anyone around him begins to understand this.

People are clamouring for a Labour Leadership Election. Hell, no. Let the Right go down in flames.

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