Saturday, 6 February 2021

Healthy Signs

Beyond the outer fringe of Hard Right think tankery, there was no such concept as NHS privatisation until the 1997 General Election brought Tony Blair, Alan Milburn and Paul Corrigan into government.

The Conservatives did support that, while a few valiant souls such as Jeremy Corbyn held out. But it seems that they are recanting their previous support for Blair and admitting that they should have voted with Corbyn all along.

After all, they are long free of the Coalition in which they were the moderating influence against otherwise unbridled Whiggery and Gladstonianism. The austerity programme was significantly moderated once the Liberal Democrats were no longer in office. And now, this.

The Government should throw down the gauntlet to the Opposition by promising to repeal the Health and Social Care Act, and to enact the NHS Reinstatement Bill in its place. Corbyn would vote for that. 

But in his desire to restore the Blair Government and to emulate the Biden Administration, Keir Starmer would not. Starmer's and most Labour MPs' Bidenism is the biggest threat to the NHS since the days of Blair, Milburn and Corrigan.

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