Friday, 5 February 2021

GB News, Indeed

Hardly anyone had ever seen CGTN, but the knives do seem to be out for much more widely viewed RT. 

Kammiknickers is having one of her regular strops about never having been invited onto it, and ranting that people who appeared on it would never be employed by her.

It entirely escapes her notice that they were already employed, and that no one is, ever has been, or ever will be employed by Kammiknickers, who is now just the failed author of an ignored book.

All in all, she is no Andrew Neil, who needs to stand ready to bring Sputnik, Going Underground, The Alex Salmond Show and Keiser Report to GB News.

Those programmes cover stories in Britain that no one else goes near. And some of us want to know what it is going on in the Britain where not everyone has slept or snorted with Kammiknickers, and in the world other than her New York or her Beltway.

Therefore, GB News should broadcast a weekly live and interactive panel programme with Jeremy Corbyn, George Galloway, Peter Hitchens and Nigel Farage, chaired by Neil. Is the Project for Peace and Justice too precious? Then someone else on the Left could step up. But Corbyn would be abrogating his responsibilities.

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