Saturday 15 September 2018

Taking Back The Asylum

Much attention is being paid to the hilarious attempt by The Times to rehash the old claim, which it is true that the loons at MI6 sincerely believed, that Michael Foot, of all people, was somehow a Soviet agent. As much as anything else, he would never have needed the money. 

The twin targets here are of course Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn. Bringing us to the "story" that the other media will not even ridicule, namely the downright deranged claim by the Daily Telegraph that Nelson Mandela had refused to meet Corbyn, who had been one of almost no anti-apartheid politicians in Britain when it mattered.

The decline of the Telegraph is one of the great tragedies of British journalism. In recent years, since he had conveniently died, it has taken to peddling the sidesplitting theory that Mandela was a friend of Margaret Thatcher's, with the obscene implication that she had somehow been a supporter of his. 

But it is perfectly simple to look up that newspaper from the apartheid years, and to read what it said on the subject at the time, not least in praise of her. So the rest of us will not even lower ourselves to laugh at the suggestion that Mandela preferred Thatcher to Corbyn.

The Times, meanwhile, believed that Foot and hordes of other people where Soviet agents, just as it still assumes its readers to believe such things, or to be bothered by the concept of Soviet agents, or to have heard of Soviet agents, or to have heard of Michael Foot.

The people behind this rubbish truly believed it then, and they truly believe it now. In the way that posh people are permitted and even expected to be, but even so, they were mentally ill then, and they are mentally ill now. They also controlled British foreign and much of domestic policy then, and they control British foreign and much of domestic policy now.

As we see in the unfolding fantasy about GRU agents wielding perfume bottles of nerve agent around Wiltshire. That is believed by no one who does not have at least a handler, and it is dependent on the old situation in which no one else got to express a view that anyone else could read or hear.

But those days are gone. The heavily armed and utterly lawless Far Right headbanger Andrew Parker, who is one of the most dangerous men in Europe, recently "summoned" Corbyn and was aghast that he did not turn up. Corbyn is lucky to be alive after that. But he is.

Although he should have turned up, to tell them that he was going to disband MI5 on day one. And that prosecutions arising out of the Miners' Strike were going to begin forthwith, with public funding for private prosecutions by the NUM if the Crown Prosecution Service, which should also be disbanded, failed to play ball.

MI6 will be a tougher nut to crack, but we need the disbandment of MI5 in favour Police Officers who, while highly specialised, were nevertheless part of accountable community policing. That would be resisted bitterly by the spook-ridden Parliamentary Labour Party.

Another hung Parliament is coming, however, and our people need to hold the balance of power in it. My crowdfunding page is here, or email for other options. That address accepts PayPal.

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