Tuesday 18 September 2018

Spare Capacity?

I read the following on Facebook, but it checks out:

Class war breaks out in Hythe, Kent, where the Council is going to sell off the housing of 56 families and offer them relocation in Co Durham as they cannot rehouse them locally. 

The Council maintain there is ‘spare capacity’ of housing in Co Durham more than 300 miles away. So the only housing option to be offered these families is far, far away from their friends, schools and jobs. 

If they refuse they will become ‘intentionally homeless’ and no longer the responsibility of the Council.


Folkstone and Hythe District Council says that the building is not its to sell, and the Leader Councillor David Monk, says:

Due to the unfortunate intervention of a Hythe town councillor, Pensand have brought forward their programme of repossessing the buildings.

We will do all we can to help the 57 households affected by the redevelopment if they approach us for housing and we have already placed one couple in sheltered housing.

However, we do not have accommodation immediately available to meet that level of demand and we already have more than 1,000 families and individuals waiting for social housing in our district.

In common with many other councils in the south east we are facing unprecedented pressures on local housing which is why we wanted to highlight the opportunities available for people if they wanted to look for a new home beyond East Kent.

The availability and choice of housing is County Durham is far beyond what we are currently able to offer here and we wanted people to be aware of this.

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