Thursday 27 September 2018

Global Times

The only people who vote based on Brexit are the Southern Remainers who saved the Conservative Party from oblivion last year, but who are poised to deliver between 10 and 20 seats, if not more, to the Liberal Democrats at the next General Election. That reality will be the theme of next week’s Conservative Party Conference.

On that party’s outermost fringes are people who wish to see a necessarily one-sided trade deal with the United States. That said, that aspiration has in itself been shared for many years by the EU. But these are the weirdos rather than merely the nasties.

They look with hope to Donald Trump, who, struggling to read his own script, has just accused China of somehow interfering in the American midterm elections. Clinton groupies, you lost to this. No one wishes to hear another word from you. You are the problem.

This is one of the areas the votes of which decided the EU referendum. We voted to reject 39 years of failure under all three parties, going all the way back to the adoption of monetarism by the Callaghan Government in 1977, the year of my birth. 

Brexit needs to meet our needs, which are for trade deals with the BRICS countries even while remaining thoroughly critical of their present governments, for integration into the Belt and Road Initiative, for full enjoyment of our freedom from the Single Market’s bans on such measures as State Aid and capital controls, for an extra £350 million per week for the National Health Service, and for the restoration of the United Kingdom’s historic fishing rights in accordance with international law: 200 miles, or to the median line. 

Another hung Parliament is coming, and our people need to hold the balance of power in it, or else that will be held either by those whom the EU’s Thatcherism has always suited down to the ground, or by such fantasists as have apparently never noticed that that was what the EU was like.

Neither of those could be elected in the areas that decided the referendum. This we know, because they have already tried. Yet we could end up at their mercy.

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