Monday 24 September 2018

Don't Turn Purple

It may come as a shock to the Recusants or the Irish, but the appointment of Catholic bishops with at least the heavy involvement of the civil power is the historical norm. Saint Thomas of Canterbury was made an archbishop directly by Henry II.

Until as recently as 1870, even the appointment of bishops in the Papal States, which covered much of central and northern Italy, was made by the Pope in his capacity as the civil ruler. Relatively few other bishops in the world, and especially in Europe or around the Mediterranean, were appointed by the Pope, or ever had been.

Appointments have been made by monarchs who were required to be Protestants and by Presidents who were sworn to uphold State secularism, by Byzantine Emperors and by Tsars of All the Russias, by Ottoman Sultans who were the Caliphs of every Sunni Muslim in the world, and now by representatives of the Chinese Communist Party. 

The Church has survived, and She will continue to survive.

She survives in Alsace-Lorraine, where this function is carried out by the President of the Jacobins' Republic in succession to the Kings of Prussia, who were themselves so Protestant that they were the cousins of our own dear Royal Family.

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