Saturday 29 September 2018

Gang Masters

There is absolutely no evidence that "Chepiga" and "Boshirov" are the same person. None. Yet it is repeated as fact by the entire media. Well, of course it is.

And even Jeremy Corbyn, the principal living British victim of the Deep State, now feels obliged to give at least some credence to this drivel.

Does he hope that it will earn him some mercy from the original gangster state, and still the best, going strong since 1066? (Watch out for the centenary of the Armistice. As they say in Ireland, "We Know The Truth.")

If so, then what has become of him? Does he no longer speak to the miners, or to the Hillsborough families, or to the victims of blacklisting, or to anyone in the anti-war movement, to name but a few? Even I could tell him a thing or two.

As an old friend in the Conservative Party recently said to me, "If Jacob Rees-Mogg didn't have money, he'd have been to prison by now." Political dissidents are silenced in Britain. Not normally as drastically as in Russia, although that does happen. But no less effectively, even so.

There needs to be at least one MP who will have none of this. My crowdfunding page is here, or email for other options. That address accepts PayPal.

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