Saturday 15 September 2018

Release The Big Cat

I had no idea that Big Brother was still on, but I have noticed that in reporting its demise, the media are gleefully playing footage of George Galloway. He did that for charity, and people do all sorts of things for charity. But no, it was not his finest hour. 

One of those, by contrast, was his return to Parliament six years later, with 55.9 per cent of the vote and topping the poll in every ward, after the prediction by everyone who was paid to predict these things that he was going to lose his deposit. (Here and on certain comment pages, by the way, your humble blogger always said that he was going to win.)

In the present climate, they are terrified that he is going to come back again to the House of Commons, as I for one very much wish that he would. I even know which seat would be ideal for him. The sitting MP there has expressed her desire to appear on Strictly Come Dancing. She ought to be given that opportunity as soon as possible.

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