Thursday 20 September 2018

Systemic Failures

Yes, Chris Grayling, they are called privatisation. 

Rail privatisation did not even begin until 1994, and it was not completed until 1997. You do not have to be some Delphic elder in order to remember better days. That increasingly unchallenged suggestion needs to be well and truly shunted into the sidings.

Like the huge majority of the population across all political allegiances, and like so conservative a figure as Peter Hitchens, I support the renationalisation of the rail services as each franchise came up for renewal, and thus at no cost.

The outright lie is now being spread that proponents of this massively popular policy claim that there would then be no need to subsidise the railways. We have never made any such suggestion.

I would make the renationalised rail service the backbone of a rebuilt network of public transport, eventually free at the point of use, and extending to every village in this or any other constituency.

Even prior to that, I would require the approval of the House of Commons for any increase in public transport fares, with the cost of HS2 diverted to reconnecting many towns to the rail network. That would include several towns in North West Durham. 

Another hung Parliament is coming, and our people need to hold the balance of power in it. My crowdfunding page is here, or email for other options. That address accepts PayPal.

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