Thursday, 20 December 2012

What A Card

With a majority of only 4,521, and that in a Northern seat, Alec Shelbrooke already stood no chance of being re-elected.

But both on his benefits card and on that website with "Imminent Disaster" written all over it, this is truly a Blairite Government, dreaming up exactly the nightmare Big IT projects that so often proved so farcical in those days, and motivated by the same hatred of the less fortunate. IDS used to be better than that.

But the less fortunate, and those in sympathy with them or even just out of sympathy with these daft gimmicks, were hardly going to vote Conservative against New Labour. Whereas it is obvious how they are going to vote against the Coalition.


  1. I ask this not rhetorically, but is there a sitting Catholic MP or other suitably high-profile political public figure who, it can be said, is patently orthodox to the teachings of the Catholic Church (or even just the church Catholic), both in its dogmatic constitution and in its equally incumbent social doctrines?

    I suspect Labour's Cruddas is an IDS in waiting, though I could mention many others in this mould too.

    Perhaps, Mr Lindsay, you could run for office yourself.....?

  2. Never say never. Apart from to being either a single-issue or a sectarian candidate.

    But the loss of the AV referendum was a grievous one. A position such as mine would have been a very broad base of people's second or third choice, especially in a constituency such as this one.

  3. You said there would "certainly" be BPA candidates in every seat in the UK.


    Even Citylightsgirl ran a mile from the Lying Loser Lindsay!

  4. There will be next time. It's called Ed Miliband's Labour Party. Mostly...

  5. Show-stopping answer. But we need you in.

  6. "In" what? If you mean back in the Labour Party, then I still have no intention of voting Labour at the European Election if it has ultra-federalists in winnable list positions, I shall be campaigning to re-elect both the sitting Labour and the sitting Independent County Councillor for Lanchester in the spring, I shall be campaigning to re-elect all those of my Parish Council candidates (Labour, Tory and Independent) who wish to carry on, and all in all I value my freedom of action far too much to give it up.