Thursday, 6 December 2012

Fitch Off

The fact that the United Kingdom still has a triple-A credit rating is reason enough in itself to ignore anything these people might have to say. They used to award it to 105 per cent mortgages for people who were practically beggars. In their assessment of Cameron and Osborne, they are still doing much the same thing.

But Cameron and Osborne are fully signed up to flogging off our public assets and services to the other branches of the same New York mob. A policy to which they have been committed throughout their adult lives. At no small monetary gain to themselves.

The markets staged a coup in Britain in May 2010, and they are not about to have their puppet Prime Minister and their puppet Chancellor, "elected" with all of one quarter of the eligible vote, brought down by the facts before they have done what they were installed to do.

What's that? These agencies buy our debt? No one made them do that. They are supposed to be the experts. And it is time for them to admit that they are simply biased in favour of the United States, cheerfully wrecking anywhere else that takes their fancy as surely as certain of their compatriots cheerfully bomb anywhere else that takes their fancy.

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