Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Paper Tigers Tamed

How fascinating, to see the real Cabinet entering and leaving Downing Street for a change.

Or perhaps not, after all.

They were in for less than an hour, and no one has contradicted Cameron's BBC interview in which he said that he laid down the law, with every threat of doing so literally. Interviewed themselves on the way out, they were resigned to the fact that whatever they proposed was subject to parliamentary approval. They have lost, they know it, and they are saying it openly.

There was a distinct "Who is the Prime Minister here?" feel to it all. I do not like the fact that David Cameron is the Prime Minister. But he is. None of them is. This is a great day for parliamentary sovereignty. Here's to many, many, many more.

Those who have waited 20 years in order to avenge the 1992 General Election result and everything that followed from it, not least the rise of Tony Blair, will not now be denied that vengeance by any power on earth. They massively predominate within one party, and they are still far more numerous than most people realised within the other party.

Or would they rather be given what they profess to want? The end of the distribution arrangements with the Post Office. And the abolition of the Lobby, so that they would all just have to watch BBC Parliament like everyone else. That is what independence of the State would mean.


  1. You now reveal yourself as a graduate of the Walt Disney school of political analysis if you really fall for Kelvin Mackenzie's fantasy that "it was the Sun wot won it" in 1992.

    That headline had no influence whatsoever-it was Labour's proposed tax increases and the "Jennifer's Ear" affair that turned the Election. And thank God for that-Neil Kinnock would have ruined Britain!

    Your fantasy that the press run the country is just that-a fantasy. It's the politicians who have far too much power over us, not the press.

    Most of the worst policies of the last 50 years were opposed by the popular press.

  2. I said that they have been waiting for 20 years to avenge either the Labour defeat simply as such, or the unexpected retention of John Major for another five years, and that they will not now be denied that vengeance. That is just a fact, which the editors called in like naughty schoolboys have been forced to accept.