Saturday, 22 December 2012

Home By Easter

With Frank Field on Any Questions offering the latest voice against the entire premise for the war in Afghanistan, we need a Commons vote on total, immediate and unconditional withdrawal.

Ed Miliband, over to you.


  1. Oh yes David, I will!

    How is the thinktank going?

    Look forward to hearing!

    Lotsa love xxxx

  2. Funny you should mention that. A most promising exchange of emails this very afternoon. Watch this space in the New Year.

    On topic, please.

  3. Frank Field is a most excellent MP. Which is why he was booted out of his position as Welfare Minister by Gordon Brown and replaced with Harriet Harman, someone much more to Labour's tastes.

    Mr Field has'nt just proposed leaving Afghanisan-he's proposed an immigration lock, a tough criminal justice system, a return to selection in education, a renegotiation of our terms with the EU.

    All things that, needless to say, Labour won't be doing.

    He's far too brilliant to be in, or anywhere near, the Labour Party and ought to leave immediately.

  4. Of your list of four, the first second and fourth are already either Labour policy, as of this week, or as good as, and bound to be by the time of the next Election. Grammar schools are a harder nut to crack politically. But if it comes from anywhere, then it will come from there. It certainly won't from the other lot, will it?

  5. Evidence please?

    Labour has proposed nothing that would do anything to reverse the current trend in immigration, nor will it, and nor can it (while we remain in the EU we dont' have a say on how many people come here).

    Labour hasn't proposed, and will never propose, a tough justice system.

    Grammar schools will never be brought in by Labour, because comprehensive education is Labour's real Clause Four-Crosland's creation their baby and they can't disown it.

  6. He is nowhere near that old, David. He wouldn't be allowed on the staff of CCHQ or its puppet press if he were.