Monday, 10 December 2012

Putting Asunder

Jack Straw, the MP for Blackburn, now claims to be in favour of same-sex "marriage", which is not, and has never been, the formal policy of his party. If he really has changed his mind, then that is only because he is retiring. He would never have dared face an electorate in which every other non-Muslim was a Catholic, or possibly vice versa, on that basis.

In Scotland, the single most reliable indicator of being a Labour voter is being a practising Catholic. The desire for this whole business just to go away on the part of Labour MPs from there, from the North West, from the West Midlands, and from pockets elsewhere (for example, the constituency in which the largest town is the Vatican City State of Consett, a town increasingly full of Poles on top of the Anglicised Irish) is now somewhere between desperation and despair. Oh, and remember that the SDLP MPs take the Labour Whip.

This thing is never going to reach Third Reading in the House of Commons. Sections of the Conservative Party in both Houses are going to make sure of that. But theirs will not be the greatest joy at that turn of events.


  1. There are Consett-like towns all over the North and the Midlands, as you know. London Labour and their media courtiers don't get it at all.

  2. Don't forget the Lib Dems in the North of Scotland.

  3. As P. Hitchens puts it today, "Those in the Tory Party who regard themselves as social and moral conservatives have often reposed some sort of faith in Al (‘Boris’) Johnson and in Michael Gove as hopes for the future. Well, both of these gentlemen have come out strongly in favour of same-sex marriage. This is no surprise to me. There is no hope in the Tory Party. Please believe me."

  4. Your confidence that this will never reach a Third Reading is not shared by me. There seems to be a certain inevitability about this and we will join Spain, and soon France, on the list of shame of those countries whose politicians believe that a man's waste disposal unit is on a par, sexually, with a woman's vagina, from which emerges new life. Quite frankly, I am surprised that women are not deeply insulted by this.

  5. That is a very good point.

    But they are not blessed with the House of Lords in France or in Spain.

  6. Well, we'd better get out of the EU pdq, then.

  7. A House of Lords which Ed Miliband's Labour are committed to destroying.


    Indeed, as Mr Miliband wrote on the LabourList website "I will work to ensure a fully-elected Upper Chamber".

    In other words, vote Labour-get a House of Toadies.


  8. Neither do they have the Parliament Act which will be used by the zealots to push through this iniquitous bill in the way that the fox hunting ban was pushed through. Stonewall will marshall all their forces to shout down the homophobic bigots, and craven politicians will capitulate as they always do.

  9. They won't bother with the Parliament Act on this. Cameron doesn't have it in him.

    Labour saved the House of Lords when the Coalition tried to abolish it. Miliband's stated view is deliberately vague, and amounts to saying, "If we can think of anything better and we can't find anything else to do." In a word, never.

    If this has anything to do with the EU, then that will come as news to an awful lot more countries than this one.

  10. Cynical as I am about politicians, I think it is always best to check out their statements and hold them to account when they lie, especially to the House.
    In response to questions in the House, Maria Miller, the Equalities Minister, said that the promise to introduce 'Gay' marriage was included in their 'Contract For Equalities' which was published before the election. I checked it out. There is a section which states: "We will also consider the cause for changing the law to allow civil partnerships to be called and classified as gay marriage."

    Notwithstanding that they merely said that they would 'consider the cause' for changing the law, which is hardly a 'cast iron guarantee', there is one sentence in this contract which should negate any action and cause this proposal to halt immediately.

    At the beginning of the 'Contract For Equalities' there is a statement: "What we will do IF WE WIN the election." The emphasis in mine. Well, what is crystal-clear is that the Conservatives did not WIN the election, no party did; in fact it was embarrassing to see who was going to get into bed with whom in an attempt to grab power. In the event, the LibDems sold their souls to the highest bidders to conjure up a government of national unity. It was clear from the result of the election that NO party had gained the trust of the electorate and there was certainly NO mandate for any legislation that was merely a statement of intent and which was far too contentious to put in a manifesto.

    The Tories promised action if they WON the election. They did not WIN the election so, by their own words, they have no authority to proceed with this qualid business which is causing great fury up and down the country. Away with it - and as soon as possible.

  11. Milliband's view is vague? He said he supports an elected Upper Chamber-that seems pretty clear to me.

    It was the 91 Tory rebels who saved the Lords (they were the only ones who spoke against an elected Lords ON PRINCIPLE...Miliband/Labour only objected to the time limit for debate).

    Just like the Tory rebels are the only ones objecting to gay marriage on principle.

    Labour are either silent or acquiescent on it.

  12. There will be a very clear majority across the House of Commons for this measure. All but a handful of Labour MP's will vote in favour. Ed Miliband has pointed out that this includes the ENTIRE Shadow Cabinet, who he selected himself.

    The Lords will be closer but given the disappearance of most of the hereditaries, should still see it through.

    The Labour leadership couldn't have been any clearer about their belief and intent

  13. Oh, and only two MP's in the north-west intend to vote against - and they are both Romanist religionists who are 'the usual suspects' on this issue.

    You're so out of touch with the reality of where Ed Miliband's Labour party stands, David!

  14. Hitchens had to cope with the intolerant pro gay marriage Labour Party idiot Stella Creasy (so typical of that party's new up-and-comers) on BBC QT last night.

    Thought he did rather well.