Saturday, 15 December 2012

Such Has Been The Patient Sufferance

No one, not even Abu Hamza or Babar Ahmad, and still less Gary McKinnon, should ever be extradited from the United Kingdom to any jurisdiction with less than equal reciprocation. One Nation, with an equal emphasis on the One and on the Nation.

Inextricably bound up with which is British justice, with an equal emphasis on the British and on the justice. It is too funny for words, at least in this case which they have lost, to watch the allegedly conservative, patriotic and even Tory Israel First, America Second, Britain Nowhere brigade going bananas over this.

This is the opportunity for Ed Miliband to distinguish himself from that tendency, such as there still is of it, in his own party. Someone like Alan Johnson is in any case highly unlikely to contest the next General Election. Miliband must insist on the repeal of one-sided extradition arrangements, and on their simple non-application even while they remained technically in force.. Among very, very, very many other things.


  1. For a crime committed on British soil, a suspect should only ever be tried in a British court

    This is axiomatic. Or at least it was until Labour imposed their bizarre ideology.....

  2. It goes back an awful lot further than that, and especially to Churchill, who was as much an East Coast WASP Whig aristocrat as he was an East Midlands WASP Whig aristocrat.

    Both parties are thoroughly to blame, but only one of them is still in thrall, as they both were 10 years ago in the run-up to the Iraq War, to a faction which, when it says "America First", means the exact opposite of that expression's historical meaning.

    Not irredeemably, though. Labour has got over it, and remarkably quickly. The Conservative Party, to which such a view of the world is equally alien, could also get over it, if it had a proper mind to do so.