Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Policeman's Lot Is Not A Happy One

The Coalition despised the police even before this plebs business, and it really, really, really hates them now. They, in their turn, still have old scores to settle from the Major years, not an insignificant factor in this case.

Meanwhile, although Labour is well on course to use the low turnout as the excuse to promise the abolition of Police and Crime Commissioners, that party is once again run all the way up to the very top by people who have not only heard of Hillsborough and Orgreave, as Tony Blair probably never had, but who never shared the view of his handlers that Scousers and miners richly deserved to be murdered whenever and wherever possible.

The fact that Norman Bettison retains his knighthood, his QPM and his pension does not help matters. He needs to be told, by whatever means necessary, to take one for the team. And that team had better have a very, very, very good response ready for when Orgreave becomes the big story, as it very soon will.

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  1. I don't think that anyone needs an excuse to promise the abolition of Police and Crime Commissioners. They clearly have no mandate and no clear role. They are already tarnished with cronyism. There's a petition to get rid of them at: