Sunday, 30 December 2012

One Nation

United against this horrendous neo-Blairite Government. North and South, country and town.

Liverpool, Newcastle and Sheffield were all run by the Conservatives during the post-War period, and by the Lib Dems into recent years. Labour did what was necessary there. Why not also in the 120 or more rural councils that are also up in arms today?

UKIP is the home from home of people who think that pure commissioners are exactly what councils ought to be, who do not believe in buses or in public libraries at all, and so on. Hope must come from elsewhere than that quarter.


  1. UKIP have got your rattled, methinks.

    Britain finally has an increasingly popular party with 30,000 members prepared to argue for unconditional withdrawal from the European Union (the only honest position in this debate) and Mr Lindsay turns his back on it.

    Showing your true colours, sir. Your no radical at all. And no kind of a conservative, either.

  2. Well, Jon Cruddas today predicts UKIP will break the old two -party system and win the 2014 Euro elections (they certainly should, as the only party to argue for withdrawal, the only honest position in this debate).

    I couldn't agree more with Mr Cruddas. The old three-party system is corrupt and dead. UKIP are helping speed up its funeral.

  3. UKIP is never going to win a Westminster seat, Jon knows exactly how to stop it from topping the poll at the European Elections and ensure that Labour does so instead, and UKIP has a huge Old Right-New Right split coming, mirroring the one in the Conservative Party that is exemplified by the rising of the country councillors against the schemes of the think tank boys.

  4. If you think its succes is judged the numbers of seats, you've misunderstood its purpose-UKIP exists to precipitate the collapse of the mainstream Parties (starting with the Tories) by splitting their vote in key seats, and to provide an outlet for the disenchanted millions who are fed up with the broken two-party system.

    I think Jon Cruddas's most interesting prediction was that the stranglehold that the Tories and Labour had on politics will soon be broken.

    Could Peter Hitchens dream be inching closer to reality?

  5. One Nation united against the corrupt mainstream parties.

    UKIP on the rise!

    It's undeniable, Lindsay. Their star is in the ascendant.

    Labour and the Tories were the future, once. Not any more.

  6. The Conservatives would have been finished anyway.

    The rise of UKIP, if it can be so described, has nothing to do with Labour; UKIP's greatest triumph so far has been a mere 20 per cent of the vote at a by-election which Labour won handily.

    And the Old Right-New Right split as the Right realigns will be a bloodbath the like of which we have never seen anywhere on the mainstream spectrum in this country.

  7. Oh, it has everything to do with Labour.

    The rise of UKIP is as much a result of the death of the Right wing of Labour, as it is of the death of Right-wing Toryism.

    The fact is, UKIP is rising because it is the only party prepared to offer us the only honest option-departure from the EU.

    No other party will argue for it, because they are all morally bankrupt, bought-and-sold bohemians of the Eurocracy.

    Labour is in every bit as deep as the Tories, ever since Delors speech to the Trade Union Congress.

  8. Labour is permanently around 10 points ahead in the polls, and its core voters have never been happier with it. They finally have their party back after 30 years. People talking about dislocation from the workers or what have you are living in the past. The near past. But still the past.

    They were hardly going to vote for a party that wanted to replace the NHS with a pre-Obama American-style insurance system, were they? That is UKIP policy.

    Never mind that one quarter of its MEPs are fraudsters and its Leader hates Brussels so much that he has claimed two million pounds from it in expenses.

    Far from being some lower-middle-class provincial insurrection, UKIP is given a free pass and lavish media exposure because it is public school and Home Counties.

    Formations with roots in, say, the trade unions have either died of media neglect or been falsely declared "defunct" on air. Whereas Farage has been on the Bullingdon Club-presented Question Time more often than all trade union leaders put together, and more often than anyone else apart from Vince Cable. How very anti-Establishment.