Monday, 17 December 2012


Ian Noble has the best news in a very long time:

Police have arrested seven people after an early morning drug raid at a North East lap dancing club. Durham Constabulary raided the Red Velvet club, in Consett, in the early hours of today (Saturday, December 15) following a tip-off.

The police were acting on information supplied by local residents about the Front Street club. Seven people were arrested on suspicion of drug related offences. They are being held at Durham City Police Station. Inspector Colin Dobson said: “Dealing drugs is a serious offence and drug use is an enormous problem for the community. When this is combined with alcohol the problem magnifies. We have listened to the community concerns about Red Velvet and we want to send a clear message that any criminal activity on licensed premises will be dealt with robustly.”

Red Velvet is the only licensed County Durham lap dancing club and it gained its license in April of this year. Durham Constabulary is to begin proceedings to have the licence revoked on Monday (December 17). The police also closed another premises during the operation. The police would not release any further details about these premises.


  1. I guess you'll have to admit to being wrong about Labour now.

    Only three Labour MP's had the guts to sign the Tory MP's letter to David Cameron saying he has no mandate to introduce gay marriage.

    Yes that's right-three.

    You call that an Opposition?

  2. You call that how it's done, at least in total? Bless...

    The free vote has been granted. Have you got that? Been granted. Even though Harriet Harman, Stephen Twigg and Angela Eagle threatened to resign if it were. Ed Miliband still stuck to his guns even in the face of that.

    Not for three people, he didn't. Not even for 12. He wouldn't have done it for a mere 50. But he did for the number and the names in question.

    On topic, please.

  3. The local Labour party and its more or less alter ego in Consett, the Catholic Church, have been the prime movers in this, if you bother to check. Three cheers for Pat Glass MP, Cllr. Clive Robson, Alderman Alex Watson OBE, and successive priests at St. Pat's, at Blackhill, at Shotley Bridge, at the Brooms and at the Grove.

  4. So thats why a grand total of 3 signed the letter?

    When a grand total of 120 Tory MP's have damned gay marriage in public letters to constituents?

    The Tories had already been granted a free vote long before Miliband got there-so who cares?

    It confirms one thing-the only serious Opposition is in the Government's own backbenches-not the useless so-called "Opposition" (which was in evidence on Question Time the other night, united against Peter Hitchens).

  5. You can't add up. And you have no idea how politics works. Letters to the Telegraph are not the only way in which Labour MPs seek to influence their party, sweetie.

    This Bill, like the Lords Reform Bill, needs every Labour MP to vote in favour of it all the way to Third Reading. That was so obviously not going to happen in the Lords Reform case, which was why it was withdrawn. If Labour had supported it, then it would eventually have been enacted.

    This Bill is in the same situation. It took the Labour abstention-cum-officially-organised-"rebellion" at Second Reading to make that point over Lords Reform. But over this, it has taken nothing more than the announcement of a free vote to make the point: there is no eventual majority for the Bill.

    A free vote for the sake of how many people? Three? 12? 50? Hardly! No fewer than 80, and quite possibly 100. If the final text were bad enough, and it would be, then there would be a three-line whip against at Third Reading, as there would have been over Lords Reform. Cameron withdrew from eventual humiliation in that case.

    Some time next year, he will withdraw from impending humiliation in this case. But it won't be because of the threat of 120 Tory rebels, or even quite a lot more than that. They are literally only the half of it.

    On topic, please.