Saturday, 22 December 2012

Our Own Correspondent, Indeed

My grandmother, May Young, quoted on Radio Four this morning, in a report from Saint Helena.

Quoted, please note, as just another octogenarian still running a little shop and preparing to sit down to Christmas Dinner with four generations of her family.

Rather than as a former Member of the Legislative Council, and before that a Chief Nursing Officer with one of the last British Empire Medals to prove it.

When she says that there will always be a need for the ship, she does not mention that her son, Captain Rodney Young MBE, my mother's brother, is the Captain of it.

The BBC has been royally, gloriously had by a little old lady (she is barely five foot, and about to turn 82) who is also a very great deal more than that. 

Serves them right. They should have asked.

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