Monday, 3 July 2017

Green and Pleasant?

Not for the Conservative Party.

Former members of the Armed Forces comprise a large part of its active membership, which is therefore roused by talk of the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

But they comprise a tiny part of the population at large.

National Service ended 57 years ago, so hardly anyone under the age of about 75 has ever been in the Armed Forces.

Far more people than that in Great Britain are committed Irish Republicans. There are not an awful lot of those, either. But there are still far more.

All in all, this is one among the many reasons why a party led by Jeremy Corbyn not only won 40 per cent of the vote, and came well within a million votes of winning outright, but did so not only to the horror, but to the genuine bemusement, of the Conservative Party and its subculture.

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