Monday, 31 July 2017

The Falling Scales of Justice

Of course there is a case against Tony Blair.

That is precisely why he is not going to stand trial.

They cannot risk a conviction, although of course there are ways of ensuring that that did not occur.

But nor can they risk an acquittal, since of course that would destroy all public confidence in the judicial system forever.

So, of course, there is not going to be a trial at all.

Meanwhile, of course there is no case against me.

That is precisely why, at the time of writing, I am going to stand trial, to prove that I can still be convicted even if no case whatever is even attempted to be made against me.

While the action against me continues, that is a matter of public record.


  1. How can they convict you if there is no case against you? Is there a typo

    1. Watch them.

      As yet, and I was charged on 13th April, they have produced no evidence whatever. Absolutely none.

      A pair of fingerprints is supposed to turn up, even though, so far, even Special Branch has failed to find them. Nothing else has even so much as been suggested.

      Yet still my trial is due to begin on 6th December. Someone really, really, really wants me out of the way.

  2. Have they forensically finished with your digital goods - you need them for the new newspaper

    1. Don't I bloody well know it.

      I am getting by, but it is extremely difficult. My computer and my phone are both still impounded somewhere.

  3. why have you been banned from the library?

    1. I no longer am. I am sitting in it now. Nice try on the part of the Great Satan. Especially over the lunch hour on a Saturday in the holiday season. But better luck next time, eh?