Thursday, 20 July 2017

Mind The Gap?

The BBC has very successfully spun yesterday's news about itself as being about a "gender pay gap".

But in fact, it is about obscene amounts all round, to upper-middle-class, liberal-Right, mostly white people.

Men and women alike.


  1. Just how Right Wing do you need to be to think that the BBC is 'Left Wing'? This is the channel that fawns over the Royals & had a cookery show devoted to the anniversary of Churchill's death. The BBC is not 'Left Wing' & never has been, it is of the liberal Establishment. Perhaps if it were genuinely Left Wing it might be worth tuning in. Oh yeah & the 'anti Israel bias' myth? This is the channel that refused to broadcast an emergency appeal for Gaza...REFUSED, what part of that word don't people understand?

  2. Any chance of getting you onto the airwaves?

    1. I am open to offers. And I would be relatively cheap.