Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Chlorination Chicken

The EU wanted, and it still does want, to flood this country with American meat full of chlorine and dodgy hormones.
That was a very good reason to vote Leave, and one of the many very good reasons why some of us did vote Leave.
The last thing that we need is for Brexit and its aftermath to be in the hands of people who are as bad as the ones from whom we are supposed to be escaping, and who probably did not vote Leave at all.
For example, Liam Fox, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, and quite possibly the Maastricht whip turned Foreign Office Minister, David Davis.


  1. As you've just retweeted, there's a demand for Liam Fox to eat chlorine-washed chicken on television.

    1. Also, tell him to state that, as a physician, he would have no problem with the eating of chlorine-washed chicken by one of his patients.