Thursday, 6 July 2017

Co-ordinate That Critique

Congratulations to the Fabians on holding their Summer Conference on the same day as the Durham Miners' Gala, thereby ensuring that Jeremy Corbyn, who was well-received last year, cannot attend.

Or have they never heard of the Gala? 200,000 people are expected to hear Corbyn at it. Will that many turn out to hear the Fabians' own star speaker, Yvette Cooper?

Very soon, the Fabian Executive will be up for election.

Even one person on it would be enough to prevent a repetition of this kind of behaviour by an organisation with such a prestigious name and not inconsiderable resources for publication and conference purposes.

Members will vote for up to 10 candidates, and the top 10 will be elected for a two-year term, provided that at least two must be under 31 years of age at the time of election. There are also a few regional and other reps, but the 10 are the big ones.

My 70-word statement will read:

Jeremy Corbyn is the most culturally significant British politician in living memory, the most agenda-setting Leader of the Opposition ever, and the global leader of the opposition to neoliberal economic policy and to neoconservative foreign policy. Fabians must co-ordinate that critique at home and abroad, in preparation for the Corbyn Government that will lead Britain and the world out of politically chosen austerity, and away from wars of political choice.

In 2015, even the highest scoring of the 10 successful candidates won only 464 votes, while the lowest scoring was elected with a mere 305. You do not necessarily have to be a member of the Labour Party, or anything like that.

The Fabian Society can be joined here. But hurry. And if possible, then do please let me know:


  1. I have always considered you to be a national socialist in the manner of having national appeal as did Beatrice Webb

    1. I hope that I have more national appeal than she ever did. Enough to win this one, anyway.