Monday, 17 July 2017

Who, Indeed?

How did those Afghan girls ever have any trouble getting to a robotics competition? Didn't we liberate Afghanistan, or something?

This is an awful lot more important than Doctor Who.

Oh, well, the wisdom of the BBC's decision will be judged by whether or not anyone will still watch Doctor Who.

It could choose to move EastEnders to outer space (not much of a leap, one might say), but would anyone watch it?

And it has more or less chosen to redraw the character of the Doctor as the much-regenerated Sharon Watts Mitchell Watts Rickman Mitchell.

But will anyone watch it?

If not, then look out for the plot twist where she turns out to have been an impostor all along, and the real Doctor appears at the end of the next series, perhaps played by Danny Dyer.

As for the idea that this would have been "the right thing to do" even if it had lost the entire audience, why?

What is the programme supposed to be, if not popular television?

There is a reason why it is on BBC One early on a Saturday evening.

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