Friday, 7 July 2017

Straight, Indeed

Paul Foot once said that anyone who could ask a question was qualified to be a journalist.

As the re-emergence of Sir John Chilcot has reminded us, that ruled out almost the entire media in relation to the war in Iraq.

It ruled out even more of them in relation to Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya, and David Cameron's attempt to intervene in Syria on the side that is mercifully almost beaten by those whom he had wanted to bomb.

And what of Grenfell Tower?

I am sure that Sir Martin Moore-Bick will be able to conduct the inquiry within the limited terms of reference that it is going to given.

But the survivors are right that those terms are too narrow.

There needs to be a Royal Commission into housing in general, and perhaps into social housing in particular.

The question, then, is who should be on it.

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