Monday, 31 July 2017

In The Myers

Those of us who have long taken a certain interest in Irish affairs are enjoying this year's introduction of them to the general reader.

First,  the DUP, Irishmen who pretend to be a ridiculous caricature of the English.

Yes, the English. The Orange Order was founded by Anglicans, not by Presbyterians, and its ritual is based very closely on the Book of Common Prayer.

And now, Kevin Myers, and Englishman who pretends to be a ridiculous caricature of the Irish.

Why was this particular English-born and English-accented person who happens to be entitled to an Irish passport given an Irish Times column entitled "An Irishman's Diary"?

After all, there are any number of English-born and English-accented persons who happen to be entitled to Irish passports.

Just how Irish can you get away with not being? But then, look at de Valera.

Speaking of whom, Myers has done some work on puncturing the sillier and more pernicious myths of Irish Republicanism.

But other people had done that before, and better.

He'll be back, though. Indeed, he has not gone away. Nor will he.

Ho, hum. Despite being the subject of a Mossad campaign through the law courts to prevent its ever seeing the light of day (a campaign that is being waged from 22 Rickleton Avenue, Chester-le-Street, County Durham, DH3 4AE, for readers with strong views on Mossad), The Weekly Standard will never publish the claim that the BBC paid Jews more because they were Jews.

For that, you will always need the Sunday Times.

Rather than spend £2.50 per week on that, feel free to follow the above link and give £130, a year's worth of the Sunday Times, to launching The Weekly Standard instead.

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