Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Battle For Britain

All hail the Great Repeal Bill, the most Eurofederalist measure ever proposed in any country.

"But only up to this point" is simply not how the acquis communautaire works.

By this Act, should it ever become one, EU law would not only become the law in the United Kingdom, but for the first time it would be the law of the United Kingdom.

Yet without any British involvement in determining its content.

This is a Bill to turn this country into a colony of the European Union.

Theresa May, who joined the party of Ted Heath and who was never an MP under either Margaret Thatcher or John Major, has had her party's ever-flaky Eurosceptics for breakfast.

It now falls to Labour to give them the procedural opportunities to join it in stopping this Bill.

Let battle commence.

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