Monday, 31 July 2017

Most Excellent

The leaders of the Durham Teaching Assistants deserve the CBE, anyway.

But how much sweeter it would be if they were to be awarded it at the moment that Simon Henig was stripped of it.

Stripped of it, officially, for having tried to send an innocent man to prison.

But also stripped of it, even if unofficially, for his treatment of the Teaching Assistants.


  1. I knew you would eventually get proof of who was behind this silencing of you.
    You reckon it's Henig then - the Great satan - good nickname

    1. I was using the term generically. "We are Legion," after all.

      I don't have to prove anything. They do. So far, they haven't even tried.

  2. Far worse than prison, the horrible fate of Neil "No Mates" Fleming awaits Simon Henig. That is what becomes of people who mess with David Lindsay.