Friday, 14 July 2017

Don't Go Caracas

Jeremy Corbyn's economic policies do not in fact resemble those of Venezuela.

But do not believe the hype about the latter.

The same people told you that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

The coup is very much under way in the world's tenth biggest producer of oil, which is also in South America.

It is quite clearly being planned against the undeniably ghastly regime in the seventeenth, which is over in the Gulf.

And the same people have their eye on the eleventh, too.

How has that kind of adventure ever ended? Well, there you are, then.


  1. It's their only line: "Venezuela, Venezuela, Venezuela."

    Well, what about Venezuela?

    "Venezuela, Venezuela, Venezuela."

    They think that they are clever because they are posh. But all the really clever posh people have been on the left and still are.

    1. That is an especially interesting in second point. It's not true on the Continent or in America. But at least broadly speaking, it is here.