Monday, 31 July 2017

National Health

Pro-lifers supported Charlie Gard's parents because they wanted to do what pro-lifers wanted them to do.

They, we, would not have supported them otherwise, and we ought not to pretend that we would have done.

Nor would the legal situation have been different in the United States.

No more than here, parents there do not have the absolute right to give their children any medical treatment that they choose.

Nor should they have.

And people who don't like the NHS just don't like Britain.

Their leading voice grew up between Malborough and Peru, and he believes in a Britain of his own invention, in which he is constantly annoyed that the uppity natives do not have the slightest desire to live.

How is he different from some Wahhabi or Deobandi imam who has been flown in from Saudi Arabia or Pakistan?

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