Saturday, 29 July 2017

My Card Is Marked

Very many thanks to Durham County Council for having cancelled my library card at some point in the last two hours.

With my computer and my phone still impounded in relation to an offence that absolutely nobody believes that I committed, it will now be almost impossible for me to work at least until after my trial in December.

That's right. December.

As I have been told times without number, everyone knows about the Labour Party on Durham County Council.

Not that everyone in it is that bad, though.

None of my 32 character witnesses is to be called, but at least 15 of them are members of the Labour Party, including past and present members of both Houses of Parliament.

As well as five serving members of Durham County Council, three of whom are among the famous 57.

I have of course had no contact with any of them. I simply know that they would testify in my defence, having known them for many years.

By contrast, I have never had a conversation with Simon Henig. So far as I could tell, at the Durham Miners' Gala, nor did anyone else. He appeared to be a pariah.

Others who would have been called included distinguished members of the Catholic and Anglican clergy, and Justices of the Peace, including a Presiding Justice.

Those, and others besides, were to have been called to testify to the absolute moral impossibility of my having committed the offence alleged.

That is, in the extremely unlikely event that anyone had managed to produce any evidence against me in the eight months between my having been charged and the date on which my trial was due to start.

No one has done so thus far. In which case, why wait for that? Let's call it a week.

If, at 2pm on Saturday 5th August, I remained charged, then, at whatever computer that I could find for the purpose, the names would appear here of the five serving Labour members of Durham County Council, including three of the famous 57, who would be called upon to testify that it was morally impossible for me to have committed the offence alleged against me.

It would then be up to them to state that that would not have been their testimony. Until such time as they had done so, then it would remain a matter of public record that it would have been.

If anyone else felt like volunteering, then do please email, although please be aware that the terms of my bail preclude my replying to Labour members of Durham County Council. Very many thanks.

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