Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Game, Set and Match

The Conservatives still regard themselves as the natural party of government, even though they have had an overall majority for only two of the last 20 years.

Their reaction is one of bewildered hurt at being hammered for a second time in 2001, at coming nowhere near winning in 2005, at failing to win outright in 2010, at only just doing so in 2015, and at being deprived of their overall majority by Jeremy Corbyn in 2017.

And now, they cannot even escape to the rugby or the cricket, which, as much as the football, echo to the chanting of Corbyn's name.

That would also be the case at Wimbledon if it had not been banned specifically. That's right. Wimbledon.

Of course, the supporters of Tony Blair also wanted him to be a phenomenon in popular culture. They behaved as if he were. But he wasn't. Not ever.

Even in 1996, everyone just laughed as he presented David Bowie's Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music. Chis Evans introduced him as, "He's got nice hair, Tony Blair."

Most of them probably went on to vote for him. But they still laughed. He could never conceivably have played Glastonbury.

Whereas Corbyn has played Glastonbury, to one of its largest ever crowds.

If he were to present a Brit Award next year, then he would receive the most rapturous reception that anyone either presenting or receiving a Brit had ever been given.

Likewise if he were to present a trophy at the football. Or the rugby. Or the cricket. Or Wimbledon.

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