Wednesday, 5 July 2017

All Out? If Only

Durham County Council spent £3.8 million pounds bailing out Durham County Cricket Club last year.

The senior Councillors and Officers have the use of a private box there.

Durham County Cricket Club has just announced a loss of £1.2 million this year.

Last year, Durham County Council also voted to save three million pounds on Teaching Assistants. Money well spent, then?

I know who talked the Teaching Assistants out of campaigning for the defeat of all Labour candidates at this year's local elections, with the result that Labour retained overall control and is therefore pressing on with this evil.

I know who is to blame.

Just as I know who is now an MP after having walked out of a rally when that call was made.

People who are astounded at my "disloyalty" to the Labour Party ought to keep that in mind as surely as they keep in mind the fact that I am banned for life from membership of it.

I do not need lessons on loyalty to Labour, or to any particular, supposedly outstanding rookie MP, from people who were not born when I joined the Labour Party, or who left it long before I did and have only recently re-joined, or who left it long before I did and have never re-joined, or who have only very recently joined it for the first time, or who pride themselves on the fact that they have never been members of the Labour Party in their lives.

Such were the categories that campaigned for the election of that MP, with little or no involvement from the thoroughly bypassed Constituency Labour Party.

She makes a name for herself by apparently calling for the Palace of Westminster to be demolished, and by suggesting that members of her own upper middle class were not allowed in it while it was being built between 1840 and 1870, all in an accent exaggerated to the point of affectation for consumption by the London media.

Meanwhile, the Teaching Assistants suffer on, and the Labour Group on Durham County Council looks on from its private box at the Riverside.


  1. You think of yourself as the rightful MP for this seat.

    You are right.

  2. Totally right. It's just for their own amusement they don't admit it.

  3. Still a nasty spiteful little man.

    Your vindictive pursuit of our MP speaks volumes about you, little wonder you're held in such low esteem.

    1. Look, she might be as good as they say she is. But she has yet to show any sign of it. There are MPs from the 2017 intake on the front bench now. She is not one of them.

      I have been banned from Labour Party membership for as long as she has been old enough to vote, and the party locally is trying to frame me in a criminal trial. Loyalty is as loyalty does.

  4. Oh thats not nice.
    Mr Lindsay is a very nice man, a very nice man indeed. He looks right proper on the streets of Lanchester. A real country gent.

    1. I wouldn't tell the proper country gents that I am a proper country gent.

      We have a rag and bone man in Lanchester. He seems to do all right. Just goes to show.

  5. Dolly and Daphne were lovely old horses. Me ma always liked Daphne.
    You wont be old enough to remember Bill the tripe seller