Monday, 15 May 2017

Wash Out The Paintpots

The Labour lead is down to two points in the North East. Yes, you did read that correctly.

So there is all to play for in the cause of the Teaching Assistants, both in itself and as a focus for everything that is wrong with the Labour Party in County Durham.

An opportunity was missed when siren voices were able to lure the TAs away from the clear strategy of removing all Labour Councillors, which would have ended Labour's century-long control of Durham County Council.

But another opportunity has now presented itself, in the form of the General Election.

Grahame Morris must be re-elected.

The Conservatives, who did not vote against the Teaching Assistants, could take Bishop Auckland and Sedgefield, anyway.

In City of Durham, in North Durham, and here in North West Durham, ask yourself which of the candidates has done the most for the TAs.

Meanwhile, I am the country's only declared, organising, campaigning and fundraising candidate for the local elections in 2021 and for the General Election of 2022. 

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